Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Funding Possibility - Your Cancer Victory Garden could be "Awesome"

It's not even officially winter (even though our fields and pond are now frozen)
yet my thoughts are already with Spring, thinking about planting, thinking about
gardens, how the sight of little green things coming up through the soil is
life's hope.

I saw this website today http://www.awesomefood.net/, a foundation that provides
grants for many 'awesome' projects that provide hope from food and wondered if
it would be a potential source of funding for anyone out there who is interested
in getting a garden started at your cancer center. That seems like the
definition of 'awesome' to me!

This organization just awarded its monthly grant to SNAP Gardens, a non-profit
organization that wants to build national awareness that SNAP coupons (formerly
called Food Stamps) can be used to purchase seeds and plants for edible food. I
see a link here with all RDs since nearly 47 million Americans are now dependent
on SNAP benefits to put food on their table (and that is only 1/3 of the people
who are actually eligible, and even sadder and scarier statistic).

I don't know the percentage of cancer patients who also need food assistance,
but I would guess the numbers are high and growing. If your cancer center does
not have the logistics in place (this year) for a garden, maybe you could get
grant money, even from your own cancer center, to start seedlings for your
patients to take home focusing on those patients who qualify for SNAP.

The RD is the perfect professional to make sure all your patients using SNAP
benefits are aware of this aspect of their SNAP eligibility and also champion
this effort within their cancer center. I would love to feature each and every
one of you on my www.cancervictorygardens.com blog!

Two quotes I love and have certainly used before on this blog:

"I have great faith in a seed. Convince me that you have a seed there,
and I am prepared to expect wonders."
~~ Henry David Thoreau

"Life begins the day you plant a garden"
~~ Chinese Proverb

I'm thinking spring, light, and hope during these last short days of the year. :-)

Cultivating health through a garden's nourishment of both body and soul,

Diana Dyer, MS, RD

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