Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Best Gardening Quotation

"Life begins the day you plant a garden"

~~ Chinese Proverb

Isn't that a beautiful quotation, particularly being read by cancer survivors? The dreams, the planning, seed ordering or plant purchasing and planting in the ground, the weeding, watering, and nurturing of the baby plants to fruition, and then savoring the delicious eating many many months after the first thoughts about this (or next year's) garden. All that sounds like life to me.

I never got anything planted in the raised beds that my husband made for me at the beginning of the 2009 growing season. They have been finally moved out to our new home and farm, a spot chosen for them, the ground leveled underneath them, filled with compost, and are now ready to wait out the winter while I dream and plan what will go into them in 2010.

Those 2010 seed catalogs will be here before we know it. I just LOVE having things to look forward to. Why? I will share that planning future projects has been one of my long-time coping strategies that has been effective for me while dealing with getting through cancer treatments and then the following anxiety (even fears) associated with thoughts about recurrence. There is nothing like planning next year's garden (and even the year after that!) along with the step, step, step of implementation to take my mind off troubles and focus on pleasant thoughts instead, i.e. to begin living again. :-)

(Photo: The boxes were dismantled and moved out to the farm. A spot was chosen and they were reassembled. My husband did subsequently use the tractor blade to even out the ground underneath them.)

(Photo: Compost is in the raised beds, which will be raked and evened out to be ready for early planting next spring. Twelve rhubarb plants were dug up from our community garden and planted today along the side of the boxes where Kaya is tracking the scent of something, probably a pesky groundhog. They will soon be hibernating for the winter but will certainly cause some havoc next year until we get appropriate fences built - grrrrrrrr, which we will need to build anyway to keep the deer from both trampling and dining on our gardens. Another thing to plan!)

Cultivating health through a garden's nourishment of both body and soul.

Diana Dyer, MS, RD